How lovely, that you are interested in my unique women tantra massage!

The sensual massage is based on the teachings of Tantra

Deep in our hearts, we all long for loving and unintentional touch. Being touched is of such existential importance to our soul as food is to our body.

Tantric massage is an art of touch that allows women of all ages to connect with themselves with an unprecedented tenderness and be reached gently at the deepest level. You experience – gently noticeable – encounters with yourself, change your relationship to your body and let your sensuality come to life. Possible are profound journeys and worlds of experience that lead you back to your primal power. You will also get out of your head and into your body, find your center, get to know yourself anew and release the healing and empowering Kundalini life energy. Whether you want to know and communicate your needs and desires better, heal experienced traumas, give your partnership new momentum or simply take time for yourself. I accompany you therapeutically, attentively and lovingly on your path to reconnect with yourself and your needs in order to fulfill your freedom and individual healing.

Every woman deserves to feel sensual and deeply connected to her feminine elemental power again through this healing art of touch.

Esther Janssen

Tantra masseuse with a certification from IISB
Woman`s Embodiment & Empowerment Coach, body therapy, sexual counseling, various courses/workshops
Trained personal trainer, medical masseuse, wellness masseuse

I am a listed and certifiedmember of the Swiss Tantric Massage Association and work after itsprinciples.
Directory for certified tantra massage and sexual counseling:

I am the first and so far the only Tantra masseuse who was allowed to massage women without exception during her entire two-year training in Switzerland and also graduated on it. This training allowed me to heal many of my traumas and so I only learned Tantra massage for men in a second step, so that I can also support you optimally in your partnership and you can experience a fulfilling togetherness.

I feel called to accompany women on their healing path with Tantra. My own healing journey and life experience have significantly shaped and enriched my field and myself as a Tantra Massage Therapist. I accompany many women on their journey to leave their past behind and rebuild a loving relationship with their bodies. I create a safe space in which everyone can let go and meet themselves in their true beauty in order to achieve more self-love.

Over the past several years, I have had the honor of accompanying several hundred women not only on their journey of physical discovery, but also on their path to self-love and healing. So I am sought out by women who just want to relax, let go and get out of their head and back into their heart or experience a beautiful physical journey of discovery. However, issues such as rape, child abuse and suffering psychological violence, as well as unfulfilled sexuality, orgasm problems, traumatic birth, unfulfilled desire to have children, loss of libido and feelings of shame, are also brought to me on a daily basis. Through my ability to combine energy and bodywork via the wonderful ritual of Tantra, and many sensitive conversations, I am able to initiate and deepen the healing process.

These additional experiences enabled me to share my deep insights as an expert in the online conferences “Understanding and Mastering Trauma” and “Awakening Femininity”.

Here are some topics you may find yourself in

Young woman

As a young woman, femininity, self-image, finding your identity, sexuality and your body image are topics that can occupy you and cause varying degrees of insecurity.

Especially at a young age, you may be preoccupied with questions like:

– How do I find out what I like?

– What are my wishes? How can I recognize/feel/address these?

– Why don’t I get an orgasm or why do I fake it?

Through my empathic and sensitive nature, I pick you up very gently where you are right now. The respectful and sensitive Tantra massage allows you to dive into a world in which you can feel yourself, your body and your needs (again) and thus fully develop your femininity and your primal power. In this way, unpleasant feelings can be resolved and replaced with beautiful sensations.

I am happy to accompany you on your path to your true self.

Zentrum der Frau Tantramassage raus aus dem Kopf hin zu deinem wahren Selbst

Get out of your head and into your true self

Often we are very busy at home and at work, we are under pressure and hardly have time to take a deep breath or to devote ourselves to our emotional needs.

Through tantric massage you get the opportunity to start a journey into your inner self, without any pressure to perform. Everything may be as it is right now – you may be as you are. The focus is gently and slowly directed from the outside to the inside and from the morning to the now. Energy exchanges come into flow and you get the opportunity to experience your body and your femininity in a new way. Blockages, insecurities, guilt and stress about intimacy are released and replaced with beautiful, sensual experiences. You learn to trust yourself and your body, as well as your sensations and can let yourself fall into my safe and loving hands. You learn to let go of control and move from your head back into your heart and so into your sensual femininity.

Take your time out, come to rest and find back to yourself – I give you the space and time you need.

You have earned this new journey to yourself – I accompany you sensitively and professionally.

Mature woman

Sometimes blockages have manifested themselves over the years and the daily grind. Likewise, your hormonal fluctuations/changes can be a big issue.

In the more mature years, hormonal changes contribute to the fact that we feel more pleasure. However, the mantras and experiences of the past tend to suppress desire. Your own body sensation changes and affects your sexuality. This can unsettle and possibly cause dissatisfaction, robbing you of your great feminine sensuality and power.

With my therapeutic, gentle art of touch I help you to experience your body again as the source of your feminine elemental power and to awaken the rising life energy, called Kundalini. Your pleasurable sexuality can not only be rediscovered, but also experienced and beautifully expanded according to your own needs. Healing touches that can do great things.

Zentrum der Frau Tantramassage unerfuellter Kinderwunsch, Fehlgeburt

Unfulfilled desire to have children/miscarriage

The most ardent desire for a child, can create a lot of pressure. If a traumatizing experience of a miscarriage or an unresolved abortion is added to the mix, the chaos is complete.

You may feel like a failure, which can take you completely out of your feminine power. Or you’re already so pressured because your cycle is constantly on your mind.

Both are absolute lust killers and yet it is exactly this wonderful rising life energy, called Kundalini, which arises through a lustful sexuality and which is needed to heal your old traumas and to create new life.

With my therapeutic, gentle art of touch I help you to experience your body again as the source of your primordial feminine power and thus give you the opportunity to feel whole again as a woman, as well as to connect with your sexual energy and your body. The profound, soulful journey helps you to heal your soul and to perceive yourself as a feminine and sensual being again.

You deserve to come to rest, to heal and to fully develop your creative femininity, and I will accompany you mindfully and respectfully.


As a mom, you performed a great miracle by giving birth and surrendered to a great physical and emotional change.

It may be that you had to go through traumatizing borderline experiences or that you have hardly any time to devote to your emotional and sexual needs in this new phase of life. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable in your body (anymore) and now it’s hard for you to fully and boundlessly surrender again and feel your sensuality.

Many different causes lead to the same end: you no longer feel whole as a woman, you have trouble connecting with your sexual energy and your body. You want to heal your soul and have (again) profound, soulful experiences to perceive yourself as a feminine and sensual being again.

I respectfully and lovingly assist you in healing your traumas, as well as reigniting your femininity and desire.

Allow yourself your space of rest, relaxation and healing, I am here for you.

Abuse Victim

Accompanying women who have had painful experiences, such as sexual violence, narcissistic exploitation, forced prostitution, is very close to my heart.

I accompany you very gently to experience your body anew in a protected space and to enter into a deeper connection with yourself. Discover your feminine sensuality and wholeness. Mindful touch can be a clarifying, often reconciling way to build a new, beautiful connection to your own body and to yourself.

My non-intentional touch accompanies you on a physical-emotional journey where you can meet yourself anew and connect to your feminine power. I will carefully discuss with you how to proceed.

I want to encourage you and help you develop new perspectives that empower you and make you feel loved, valuable and beautiful again.

I work with an experienced psychologist and holistic trauma therapist upon request.

You are worthy of feeling whole, beautiful and comfortable in your body – I will help you with all my caring and loving nature.

Consciousness expansion and spiritual journeys

A tantric massage can dissolve blockages on the mental and spiritual level and thus works on the spiritual level at the same time.

The meditative massage, the connection of two people/souls, the sensitive and mindful opening and holding of space by me as a tantric masseuse, I call awakening of the femininity, the life and elemental force and the connection to your innermost core.

I create a safe space where everyone can let go and meet each other in their true beauty. In this sacred space, I am the link between the spiritual and physical worlds to establish the (first) contact with the higher source.

Body, soul and spirit connect. Feelings that were encapsulated in the body’s cells are awakened. The chakras, our energy centers, are balanced and the powerful energy that is restored to flow through the touch of massage can flow through the inner channel and bring much healing. Depending on where you are, what you allow, what you are ready for and what is important now, visions, connections to past lives, as well as to beings (angels, spirit beings, ancestors, etc.) can show up in images, feelings and memories and provide you with insights to help you move forward on your path.

Zentrum der Frau Tantramassage Tantra Massage private lessons

Tantric massage courses for you (private lessons)

As a teacher of Tantra Massage, I will accompany and guide you sensitively and professionally through learning what for me is the most beautiful ritual in the world.

In this exclusive private course, you will experience and feel everything it takes for this mind-expanding gift.

My protected and aesthetic space allows you to engage in this journey of knowledge and give space to your questions. Already the first time you will be able to take away practical skills with which you can surprise your partner at home.

I look forward to accompanying you in these life-changing hours.

To the course offer

Tantric massage courses for couples (private lessons)

As a teacher of tantric massage, I accompany and guide you sensitively and professionally through learning what for me is the most beautiful ritual in the world.

It enables couples to take profound journeys into new, sensual worlds of experience. Through the gentle full body massage, we are adored by our beloved with an unprecedented tenderness – and touched in the meaningful inside.

Emotional mindfulness helps to enter into tangible encounters with oneself, as well as to revitalize or deepen our relationship to our body, sexuality and partnership.

We enable each other enrichment for the common synergy, sexual energy and extended love relationship. We give each other precious time to feel into the heart and soul and connect them comprehensively with our mutual desire. We learn more about mindful touch, our mutual individual needs, and profound seduction.

More fulfillment, more depth, more connection, more physicality, more sensuality, more love and sex – becomes aesthetically and easily possible through Tantra for every couple.

To the course offer

My heart project for hurting women

Welcome to the Heart Project!

The Heart Project is more than just an organization; it is a community of emphatic and loving beings dedicated to the healing process of the collective female pain.

The mission? Returning women to their power so they can lead empowered, confident lives, regardless of the challenges they have experienced or the financial resources they have.

What customers say

Esther is a great heart person who does out of fullest kindness, in great generosity and love. Her way of talking about Tantra touched me and moved me to have my first experience with her. This has opened doors for me to experiences that I have never had in this way before in my many years of searching and self-development.

An aesthetic environment, a finding oneself, an act of self-love and healing, I was allowed to experience through Esther. I recommend this profound and sensual experience to every woman, no matter what her concern may be. Esther's gentle way of touching has sustainably touched my heart. THANKS.

I had already dealt with the topic of Tantra massage for some time before that. Especially since I had lost connection to my body, desire and intimacy after the birth of my first child. Again and again I had also told myself that it was all okay and normal, because now you have other priorities. The change between my role as mother back to lover was difficult and hard to reconcile.

Esther welcomed me openly and warmly, so I was able to trust her right away and open up easily in our first conversation. I immediately felt accepted, understood and in great hands, as if I were a part of her and she of me. She then also explained to me the procedure of the ritual, so I was then only very curious about the session. No nervousness, nothing. The ritual was very spiritual, soothing and liberating....

Our Tantra ritual was wonderful, was healing, was nurturing and deeply touching. I felt comfortable and secure from the first moment in your very beautiful premises and your way.

I wanted to thank you very much for your hospitality and the wonderful massage. It was just magical and a beautiful experience and it's still quite a feeling.

I was able to enjoy a wonderful tantric massage, I was surprised that I could give myself so much as I have experienced as a child sexual, physical, psychological violence, the theme of trust and surrender is a field where I am still healing.

Esther is such an empathetic, loving personality where picked me up in a very benevolent, sensitive way and opened a stable bridge to connect with me and my body. For this I am infinitely grateful, I look forward to my self-discovery journey. Since the massage I have come so much to myself that is a great gift.....

Recommendation of the expert psychologist Corina Stähli

Esther Janssen’s offer is very promising. Women who have suffered sexual assault or abuse and have worked through their traumas psychotherapeutically can be helped in an innovative way with Esther’s Tantra Massage. Tantric massage can also be healing for mothers. For example, it can help heal birth scars or rekindle sexual desire.

Corina Stähli,

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