About me

About me

I got inspired to help women to love themselves through a combination of my own life experience and my curiosity, and I consider it a stroke of luck.

It’s my pleasure to take you with me on my personal journey, which has shaped and moved me.

Esther Janssen-Tantramasseurin IISB

Esther Janssen

Body therapy, coaching, various courses / workshops
Trained personal trainer & tantric masseuse IISB

Member of the Tantra Massage Switzerland Association and working according to its Principles.

I was born in the Netherlands into a family where I experienced a lot of emotional coldness, which was very difficult for me as a sensitive being. This forced me to leave “home” early because it had become unbearable for me.

Thanks to my adventurous side, I was able to lead a very exciting life. I lived all over the world as a dancer and had many different experiences, unfortunately not only good ones.

Many years ago, I found my way through medical massage into the fitness industry, in which I was able to live my life as a masseuse, Zumba instructor, fitness and personal trainer, and head of a wellness department.

As I was used to giving, and to denying my needs and feelings, like I was already doing in my childhood, one day I reached my limits. Suddenly my whole life was upside down, nothing worked anymore, I had no more energy and no more zest for life. I was diagnosed with a burnout.

After that, a deep personal process began and with it came my healing.

The time was right to finally open up my ‘life backpack’ completely, to unpack everything, to cry a lot, to process, to forgive and to transform my inner pain and the unpleasant experiences.

I realized that my soul consciously chose my family to experience this emotional coldness, as it helped me to find my own way from an early age, to stand on my own feet, not to feel homesick, to push myself to my limits and to start my healing process.

My path of healing led me to my first tantra massage. What I experienced and learned there was incredibly enriching for me. I was able to experience how an old, long-suppressed assault and the trauma it caused were processed and finally allowed to heal.

Thanks to the various tantra massages, the gentle and healing touches, being able to feel my body, I found my way back to my life. With each day of my training, my self-love and self-esteem grew.

Today I can proudly say that I have regained access to myself and my feelings, and was able to follow the path of a very healing process. I am now able to perceive all beautiful feelings much more consciously. And I recognize that my life experiences have shaped my essence as a therapist. My soul incarnated on this earth to help other people find their way back to their spiritual essence and to help them expand their sensory experiences and emotional worlds.

I now pass on the strength that my life path gave me to you as a woman, through my intuitive hands, so that you can also heal your traumas and you can reconnect to your wonderful female body, your own needs and your self-love.

Tantra massage is your individual and personal journey to yourself, to your femininity and your life force.

I look forward to helping you feel that again.

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