Here you will find feedback from women who have already experienced a tantric massage with me.

It will enable you to learn more about Tantra and encourage you to discover this sensual therapy journey for yourself.

If you would also like to share your healing experience to support women in their decision, I invite you to do so via the form below.

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"Esther is a wonderful woman with incredible sensitivity. Through her own experience with life and its learning tasks, she is extremely clear and massages with an incredible love. The Tantra massage not only touches the body, but allows the soul to heal and brings the energy flow more into balance. Every emotion can unfold and one feels completely safe and carried with every cell of the body, accepted and loved in a motherly way. I can only recommend it to every drawn soul! This kind of healing is profound and lasting and in addition completely sensual. Thank you dear Esther"
"The massage still very effektive. Filled with gratitude, happiness and love. Thank you 💙"
Dear Esther Now the time had come. My first tantric massage was coming up. I was extremely nervous standing in front of your door. Am I crazy? What am I doing here at all? Thoughts after thoughts shot through my head. Then the door opened. Through your emphatic and warm-hearted manner you picked me up. I felt very comfortable and well taken care of. After our exchange which I found very enriching and inspiring, my nervousness was blown away. This was followed by my first tantric massage. It was simply unbelievable. Never before had someone touched me so... so lightly so unintentionally ..... I kept thinking... is this really my body ?? He absorbed these sensual touches and during the massage and afterwards I went on a journey to myself. This set a stone rolling.... For me it was an incredibly intense and sensual experience. For this I thank you from the bottom of my heart dear Esther!
I felt very safe, from the beginning. To lie down and enjoy... Esther is very loving and sensitive. I was able to relax and most importantly, let go and turn off my thoughts. Thank you so much for everything, it helped me a lot and I am still tingling.
I felt very safe, from the beginning. To lie down and enjoy... Esther is very loving and sensitive. I was able to relax and most importantly, let go and turn off my thoughts. Thank you so much for everything, it helped me a lot and I am still tingling.

Tantric massage course for couples

We took the tantric massage course for couples with Esther. Since we had no experience at all in tantric massages, we did not know what to expect. Esther welcomed us very lovingly and explained everything to us. She taught us various techniques, gave us the space we needed and shared many tips. At no point did we feel uncomfortable. Tantric massage is a beautiful way to open our hearts to each other again. We were able to take a lot from this course and would like to thank Esther for this.

One part courage, one part curiosity, one part despair and one input at the right moment led me to Esther's website. Her loving way of describing the diversity of us women fascinated me and gave me hope. I was welcomed warmly and gently, the sensitive way of listening made me feel total trust and I was able to surrender myself completely to my feelings for the first time in my life. It was an insanely intense and sensual experience, indescribable what feelings it released. I went home overwhelmed, hopeful with new ideas, and happy to find a hidden part of myself. I was looking for new spirits, for me, and for my needs that are suffocating in everyday life. A deep sigh makes me recharge my batteries even with these lines. Dear Esther, thank you that you exist and that you give your love and energy to us women.
Dear Esther Thank you for taking away my fear and helping me to release my blocks. You give me a feeling of warmth. Your touches are gentle and loving. It is a very beautiful experience! ❤️

Dear Esther, I would like to thank you again very much for the wonderful massage. Once again it was a warm, cordial and beautiful arrival with you. Once again, I immediately felt at ease.
Your trusting and open way of approaching people helps enormously to open up. The massage was again a dream and I had and still have the feeling of floating. I still feel like a queen today.
Many thanks for this
Cordially Regula ❤️


With Esther you immediately feel comfortable and welcome. It was a wonderful experience! I feel so full of energy, full of love and gratitude and yet so light and relaxed... this has been really incredibly beautiful ❤🍀!

Tina Hämmerle

Dear Esther, I was received my first tantric massage with you today. With your loving and empathic manner, you were able to quickly take away my insecurities. With you, talking about my toxic relationship felt good. I was able to leave some of that pain with you and leave your practice a little easier. Thank you very much for this.

The tantric massage itself I found very nice and pleasant. I felt safe and secure with you. I was flooded with love, every fiber of my body celebrating these new touches. I will definitely come back and explore this new side of me further.

Every woman should treat herself to this experience. Be brave! It is definitely worth it.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart Esther and I'm already looking forward to the next visit with you and your sweet dog☺️


Dear Esther .... I haven't checked in for a long time .... Your treatment is very much working and I am still in the process. But it was a key experience and am integrating. I will come again but it is not the time yet. I just wanted to let you know right now ♥️🙏💝


I had the privilege of enjoying three massages by Esther, and I am amazed by how different all three were!

The first session was very intense, as she helped me release some deep trauma. The second session was very gentle and sweet, and showed me how to be kinder to myself. The third session happened when there was a lot of turmoil around me, and Esther's massage helped me reconnect with my own energy and let go of the drama of others.

Esther, your intuitiveness, openness, wisdom and kind heart are such a gift!


Dear Esther
It's been a week since my very first tantra massage with you and I still feel inspired and very connected to myself. Thank you from my ♥️
for this incredible experience.
After my initial uncertainty, quickly became a relaxed arrival with you.
You had sensed my reluctance and picked me up incredibly empathetic, in which you told me what I "can" expect but not don’t have to. I became more and more curious and open to what was waiting for me ☺️ and it exceeded my imagination.
It means so much to me to have met you ♥️

I still feel free ♥️ my throat still feels free, I am just discovering how to express my desire with my voice and it feels so liberating, I am so grateful to you for that ♥️ I was allowed to learn the first step with you, there is so much more in me. See you again 😉 All the love ♥️♥️

Feedback part 2

Dear Esther, things are happening in the subconscious. I feel a free feeling inside me, courage is my companion right now 😁
Nevertheless, I realize that there is still more slumbering in me. But at the moment I am mega happy with myself.
See you again 😊 and there I'm already looking forward to you ❤
Kindest regards

... I can't sleep... I lie in bed and am still overwhelmed by the indescribable feeling 🤩😍💖 wooow I was so nervous and then you stand at the door... so warm... so cool... so chilled... just what I needed! Your loving and understanding, openminded and warm manner, conveys the feeling of safety and security 🤍🥰 At first I thought: ohhh god what am I doing 😁 until you got me out of that feeling and received me lovingly. You do not judge and evaluate, understand every question and every feeling that shows up, take the time for it and go for it 100% ! 🙏🏻💫 and exactly your love has made this wonderful journey with you possible. A journey so indescribably beautiful and intense 🤍 full of heart and beautiful energy.... I have felt like never before, experienced deep feelings.. Something wonderful showed itself today, something old changed and I'm simply just blown away! 🥰🤍 I thank you from the heart for your respect, your loving way and for the beautiful journey and I feel: today something changed! You're such a beautiful soul and woman! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart 💫🙏🏻🤍

Just as lovingly and personally as your website is designed and invites one, just as lovingly and personally will woman/man be received by you. Immediately, the feeling of tension (before the new) falls away and turns into confidence and courage. To feel accepted, to feel taken seriously, to let yourself be touched, but also to be respected in your own limits, makes your way of "giving" tantra massage a remarkable experience. So many facets of our body we can learn to turn to lovingly(more). Thank you very much!


Dear Esther, (my recommendation *****)
Your extraordinary empathic abilities are of enormous unconditional love. They flowed through me long after the extremely loving appointment with you. I was allowed to let myself go as I have not been for a long time and was gently and healingly touched by such sensitive, loving hands through you, just as I had wished.

I was really allowed to feel new as a woman from the inside out in every cell of my being. The accompanying inner images back to the time of Egypt were very enlightening for me. Thank you for your tremendous dedication. Thank you dear Esther, for your miraculous work, your time, the tea-time and the massage-time.
I love to come back and recommend you wholeheartedly to other women. Since I myself once practiced this healing touch work (for women), I may truly say that no one had ever touched me as lovingly as you do.

As I am contributing a bit differently today, but just as much for the healing of women, the work of you dear Esther complements wonderfully with that of me (primary-predisposition-release, pattern-resolution A & healer-training).
Thank you for allowing me to write this. Thank you dear soul sister for our heart open networking. Give us a big hug and let's keep our hearts bubbling over so that we can help many more women. Heartfelt greetings. Heartfelt thanks. Heartfelt. Claudia


5 stars rating on my Facebook page "Center of Woman

Esther's wondrous touches are of the deepest devotion, mindful and loving. Thank you dearest Esther for offering this valuable work for the healing of women. Your work is very healing and extremely compassionate. Thank you from the bottom of my heart


Dear Esther, thank you for the contacts, this is so valuable for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your touch and connection. I recognized some profound beliefs yesterday. it was beautiful to be touched in such a tender, mindful way, the first time in my life! THANK YOU ❤️🙏🪶 you are wonderful ❤️ heartfelt greetings


You wonderful soul 🤍
Dear Esther,
I have been looking for the right words to write for a very long time.
It has been a private wish for me to come to you in Switzerland to feel you and what you do with much passion!
It has been a great experience to be able to let myself fall in your arms.
You welcomed me lovingly & everything I was allowed to learn through and with you was the most beautiful experience for me that year, which I would never want to miss.

I also felt so free after the day driving home, so beautiful from the inside out.
I feel like it won't stop having an effect & that's a good thing because it has a positive effect on everything.
You are such an angel and light person at the same time & I am so looking forward to seeing you again next time....
Much much Love to You You beautiful soul

🤍 Susanne

My first experience with Esther was over 2 weeks ago and I still enjoy it so much. Esther has a gentle, loving, and healing touch and way with words that create such a safe, open environment to let go, discover, and break through what holds us back. The experience was nothing less than ecstasy and has already helped me in my confidence and intimate relationship. Thank you dear Esther!


Couples massage

Dear Esther
We were able to experience a wonderful couples massage workshop with you. We felt very comfortable, were able to learn new things and enjoy the moment. It's nice to be able and allowed to meet, touch and love each other intensively again as a couple, even after years.
Thank you so much for the wonderful setting and your companionship to our togetherness.

S & R

It's been a few days, but the intense feeling of being loved unconditionally still resonates in my body.
I felt very very comfortable and well accompanied from the first to the last moment. Not for a single moment have I regretted enjoying this wonderful massage all to myself. Thank you Esther for your wonderful way and treatment. I can recommend this soul balm to everyone. It doesn't hurt and you don't have to be embarrassed. It's just a great new experience. Have the courage for something very special!


Dear Esther, here is my feedback to you... ♥️♥️♥️
As a professional surrogate partner, it is part of my everyday life that I accompany people on their way to fulfilling physicality, intimacy and closeness.
This work as a "hands-on" sexual coach requires my full devotion, I give myself with skin and hair, my being, my feelings, my body, my heart. At the same time, it is part of my job in this therapeutic setting to always keep track of how my clients are feeling and the processes that are going on.
By visiting Esther in her wonderfully cozy practice, I wanted for once not to be a giver, but exclusively a taker.

Didn't want to have to keep control, but surrender. Just wanted to be for 3 hours - in my femininity, my physicality, my desire. Esther wonderfully realized what it was all about in the intimate conversation. With impressive love, caring and tenderness, it took me on a timeless journey. A journey to myself and at the same time a journey into a sphere that I cannot describe exactly. It was not about ecstatic pleasure, but about nourishment, refueling, presence - exactly what I needed at that moment. When I landed softly after my trip, Esther gave me a crystal glass with the most delicious liquid I have ever drunk. Life can be so sweet! Thank you for this wonderful encounter, dear Esther, you're a beautiful soul too! Who knows, maybe next time the journey will go in a completely different direction... <3


Dear Esther
I'm listening to the playlist "Tantric & Orgasmic" right now and I have to think of my first tantric massage with you.
Thank you for the great experience of letting me go completely and for how honestly and openly you spoke to me. You opened my eyes to my yoni and inspired me to go on my own journey of discovery. I wish every person the same experience and highly recommend you. You are a pure inspiration and I admire you for your attitude and the path you have taken!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I look forward to the next session.

Dear greetings and big hug


Couples massage

Dear Esther
We wanted to thank you so much for your wonderful art and the time you took to open a new horizon for us as a couple.
I was allowed to experience your empathetic way already some time ago. My partner had already heard of the healing tantra art through his mother but found this a little strange that this came from his mother. Since I have told him but then also about it, it then but his curiosity aroused, so we came to you.

The initial nervousness was quickly lost in the conversation and we could learn guided and shown by you how we can touch each other very lovingly and leave the everyday stress behind us.
We are already looking forward to come back in some time and continue learning how to give and receive relaxed.
Best regards and big Hug 💫

Felix & Melanie

Dear Esther
What a beautiful experience! It was great and touching in the heart, almost beyond words. You welcomed me so sympathetically and with great energy, I immediately felt very comfortable with you. The whole massage, your energy, the oasis of calm, just enjoying... it felt so good!
I will be happy to come back!


Dear Esther
Thank you very much for this beautiful and intense journey to a part of myself. Your open, empathic, loving and unbiased manner, allowed me to let go, dive in and "experience" my body on different levels. In a feedback it says; Esther is pure love. These words get to the heart of the matter.

Sincerely Giulia


Dear Esther
I want to thank you again for the touching experience with you. It is very valuable to celebrate one's femininity and experience one's body in all its fullness.
It's nice to see and feel when someone is allowed to pursue their calling.
I found you to be very respectful, benevolent and empathetic.

The conversation I also enjoyed very much, through them could directly create a soul connection (so I felt), beautiful.
I was definitely not the last time with you and look forward to the next time.

Love and a sunny weekend


Dear Esther
As you know it is hard for me to write the right words but I wanted to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful intense time we had together yesterday.

You are a wonderful loving person.

Thank you 😘

Love greetings


Dear Esther
It took me a while to have enough energy to write to you. Unfortunately, I met at the beginning of the second week of vacation unplanned and unexpectedly this S... guy, who took a powder shortly before. Since then I oscillate between lovesickness, triggern of the childhood experience with the mother (she made also relationship breaks, like this type) as well as hope that I can provide my sexual problems also times. I am always practicing.........

What I know for sure that I no longer burn anything........... If I like a guy, my mother no longer has to tell me I'm a whore! There is one. Let's see 🙂
What stuck with me the most in my feelings was the moment when you hugged me from behind at the beginning. I would have loved to cry out loud. I realized that I never got that from parents. From the men I had, I did not consciously perceive such tenderness, because I never learned to perceive when a man meant me - Catherine. I was like numb in this regard.I will recommend you very very gladly, also book again myself if my account balance allows it.

I wish you all the best and thank you so much for your kind words. If only my mother had been a fraction as sweet...... You can, without last name, share my feedback. May it help other women.

Very dear greetings Katharina


My dear Esther, as I already told you, I booked my very first appointment with you purely intuitively, because you came across very sympathetic to me from the first second in an interview.... I was exactly right and am grateful for the courageous step I had taken.

Just let your gut decide🙏🏽
I had really forgotten that as a native African 🙆🏽♀️ but hey - everything is in us or!? The 2nd Everything was even more beautiful, so familiar in your cozy rooms and I think it's so great how competent and honest you lead the consultation or conversations afterwards... 😘😘 keep up the good work sincerely yours B....


Dear Esther, also in the name of Claudia I would like to thank you again very much for over four hours of time in your aura! Your hands and your spirit have touched me and us strongly. They were hours of well-being and peace in a very graceful ambience, moments that you can't simply experience in everyday life.

We will soon be happy to come back and continue to be accompanied by you on the "new" path with joy!!!

Thank you so much, stay healthy and just the way you are!

Very cordially

Heiner & Claudia


Couples massage

Dear Esther,
thank you very much for the wonderful new experience. You opened a new world for us and enriched our sex life.
Thank you very much for responding to our individual wishes and needs. Your professional and calm manner & way were sensational.
We are looking forward to more ; )
Best regards Tom & Véronique


Feedback 1
Esther is pure love!
It was an indescribable feeling. I felt comfortable and simply accepted from the beginning and was allowed to just be and feel. 💛

Feedback 2
Esther 💛
On your homepage I have already left a short feedback, but I realize I actually wanted to write much more, I just can not find the right words 😅
I felt full of sexual, feminine energy, power, confidence and self-love on the way home 🥰
I still feel your energy now, it is so indescribable how your touch felt and this energy with you in general. You made me feel loved, no strings attached without me feeling like I had to give you something back if you know what I mean 😅 and you gave me courage to just talk, speak my truth, give me courage to just feel and do what I want but also all that in its own time.
I felt so trusted and accepted around you and for that I thank you very much 💛 as I said before, you are light! Thank you for being there and I can't wait to visit you again, it was just beautiful! You are a wonderful soul.
All love, Andressa


5-star rating on my Facebook page "Center of woman".

Dear Esther,
I had to let our encounter set a little first. Now, however, I'm happy to write you a 5-star review, even though I may still be a bit at a loss for words.😊
You are an incredible woman - pick people up where they are at. With a lot of sensitivity, value-free, without prejudice. Just be yourself, feel comfortable and enjoy the encounter with you. That's what I did.
You can feel from the tips of your toes to the ends of your hair that you love what you do. You not only love it, you LIVE it. Beautiful. 🥰❤️
And no matter how far it takes to get to you, every minute with you is worth it. There is really nothing missing.
I wish all women who find their way to you this wonderful encounter and the arrival at themselves as women.
Keep up the good work dear Esther. THANK YOU for your time. 🥰🤗


Dear Esther. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for meeting you. Thank you for your closeness, the beautiful feelings and the possibility to let tears flow. Everything is ok. You have inspired me to trust more again, to stay mindful and to give my body what is good for me.
I close my eyes, continue to trace, and let it flourish....

And yes dear women, it is a way out of the comfort zone to give yourself this offer, or to let it be given to you;-)
Let's be open to each other, to grow, to strengthen and to connect with each other....

Anyway, I am happy that I dared and found my way to the meeting with Esther. And I wish the same for all of you.


Dearest Esther finally, on the day of the summer solstice, I would like to honor the wonderful-full Tantra massage that I was allowed to receive from you three months ago for my birthday. Right from the start I perceived you as a loving, empathetic and pleasantly experienced priestess with many gifts and found your approach to this personal premiere to be clarifying, mindful and natural.

What could have felt a little 'awkward' the first time was simply not there. what impressed me most deeply is your intuition to sense exactly when I needed your physical support during my emotional journey inward and when the soul wanted to unfold freely in its transformation and feel seen and carried without physical contact. Your unbroken presence over a really long and intense period of time was unbelievable! what this allowed to release in and out of me and to be felt into healing cannot be put into words. from the bottom of my heart thank you for this unforgettable gift, with pleasure I recommend you and I will come again... 🙂
All the love to you Leslie


Dear Esther From the beginning I felt completely comfortable with you. Your loving touches took me on a wonderful journey. From my heart I thank you for your love and warmth. Big hugs Manuela


Women healing women, so old and yet so new.

These 4 hours with Esther were something extraordinary, this day goes down in my history and that in the most beautiful and best way. It took some courage to step out of my comfort zone and sign up for the tantric massage, but it was a very wise and precious decision and a huge gift to myself that I have not regretted. I was so richly gifted by Esther with her empathy, her open heartfelt manner and her empathy, she had picked me up where I was with all my insecurities and absolutely nothing felt awkward. On the contrary, it was quite natural to let go and allow what I felt, my initial shame dissolved into thin air and I honestly did not expect that...!

The beautiful aesthetic ambience alone invites you to let go and immerse yourself and Esther's hands coupled with her full attention and her big heart for this work are a huge gift that you can't really "buy". Having been in bodywork myself and carrying a bit of deformation professionally.... it was amazing how quickly I could surrender to Esther's hands and felt at home, just wonder-full 😉 so much letting go led to a unique experience that I do not want to miss and therefore already look forward to the next time.
Dear women who may still hesitate, I can only tell you that it is a loss not to have known Esther and the tantric massage!!!! I needed 64 years 🙂 do not wait as long as I did.


Dear Esther
You have truly found your purpose 🙏🏼and thus help women to rediscover their own path into their power, femininity, beauty and strength and take them into life.
You are in the right place - at the right time - with your wonderful hands and your big heart... What a blessing in these times!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart


My dear Esther, I have you, as you may call it, coincidence or fate, for me there are no coincidences.... In an interview live seen and heard me shortly before about Tantra and knew immediately you are exactly the right one who can take me into this healing wonderful world.... Your eyes shone so blatant, I felt that you are very experienced 🤷🏽♀️ for that I had zero plan what came to me 😂 I have through your warm, very attentive, respectful way, can let me fall and enjoy the complete time deep relaxing a very meditative and energy-touching massage that lasts until now.... and I want more🙏🏽🙆🏽♀️🎉


Sure, it takes courage and overcoming this experience to experience and if you are like me rather "uptight" you have to jump over your shadow.
But I advise you to dare to do so, because you can't lose anything, only gain experience.
This treatment opens doors to yourself and your sense of a valuable part of you.
We women unfortunately do not dare to be so much more open with our lust energy while it is something so wonderful and also important!
Thank you Esther for helping me open up and allowing me to have this moment.
Woman should try this.


Couples massage

Dear Esther First of all I want to outline what a beautiful human you are, your eyes, your smile, your hugs. You received me and my partner in such a heartwarming way and made it so easy for us to completely trust you and let go from the very first second. I am endlessly grateful for this spectacular experience which was so different from everything else I was witnessing so far in this field.

We had so much fun. We were laughing out loud and as well tears came up which is so beautiful cause it means that there is room for all kind of feelings. What I like the most is that it was not only a very healing powerful massage but you taught us also tools which we can practise now every day at home. It's so exciting! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart I am forever grateful that our paths crossed and for sure there is no doubt that I will recommend you to anyone! 🙂 Sending lots of love Carmen"


As a massage therapist receiving massage as self-care is essential. When I discovered Esther on Instagram I was drawn to her because I felt she does it from the heart, my intuition was right. I received a wonderful Tantra Massage from Esther, for me it was ritual of Body Love.
With her strong feminine and warmth she welcomes you with open heart, immediately I felt trust and at ease.

I am thankful because I feel because of her soft touch and her attention,
I felt all of me was allowed to be. On a physical and spiritual level. I embraced parts of me I did not embrace before.

It was a meditative journey of discovery, and I felt what is alive in me, and what wants to be more alive and seen! There is a playful energy present in my belly which wants to dance, with a potential to expand. Relief came after releasing sadness and some anger.

Esther showed me by touch the present strength of the feminine. With her wisdom my consciousness and insights expanded and I felt empowered.

Esther, so delighted for this experience, thank you from the heart. It is a new field, and my soul has been touched to explore more.

With love,


On the way to you, dear Esther, I still thought, oh what have I got myself into, bravely I signed up, but now I was quite nervous. But you made it easy for me from the beginning, you have such a positive, warm charisma, one can become calm and trust.
Your gentle, loving touches helped me to turn off my head, to let myself fall and on the journey to myself, to my body awareness, to my femininity I was allowed to take a step forward again.
I still feel very warm from the inside even two days after the massage.
Dear Esther from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU SO MUCH! All the best and see you soon 💛


From the first input "Tantra massage" to the meeting with Esther 2 years have passed. A seed was once planted that was allowed to grow slowly.
After years of functioning in the family system, I became more and more aware that access to my femininity had been lost.
I had the feeling of only functioning and satisfying the needs of others.

And then the feeling came up in me that now the time has come, I am ready to embark on the adventure of Tantra massage.

From Esther I was received warmly, cordially and in total non-judgmental acceptance. She makes me feel like we've known each other forever.
Letting go, feeling, receiving without giving anything in return, letting myself be touched in the soul - this happens with Esther quite easily.
However, it took me almost a week to perceive the magnitude of this experience in its entirety.
I can feel myself, feel the soft femininity. For years I had no desire for beautiful feminine dresses, jewelry, and certainly not for "mechanical sex", etc.
Now I go through the stores, everything that is female attracts me magically.
The words "men, partnership, sex" triggered in me: Satisfy needs, function, give and take and more negative feelings .
Today these words trigger: Feel, connect, give....

Dear women, we are allowed to come back into our power and Esther is the key.
Thank you


Dear Esther, it's been 24 hours and it's still working. The experience with you was so beautiful🥰 yes I noticed that I could not quite switch off the everyday life, but still it was unique for me to enjoy such a beautiful trip in which it was just about me, without obligations.

I felt so comfortable and never felt for a second that I had to be ashamed of anything. Your way made it possible for me to get completely involved 🤗 I look forward to experiencing this again soon and learning to turn off the head even more completely😍 thank you so much and a big hug🤗


Hi Esther, thank you so much for the flyer! At the moment I'm still letting the experience set and process a bit, but I'll get back to you as soon as it's time again😊
The massage somehow showed me how much I struggle to show myself sexually, to express my feelings and to accept them in the first place. I always quickly slipped into a role there and distanced myself from myself. I have also noticed how little sexual feelings and experiences are associated with positive for me.

The massage is very helpful to counteract this, to accept myself, my feelings and my body, my femininity and in general me as a whole more as I am, to see myself with love and not to be ashamed of anything, to be able to be with myself and show myself as I am. Therefore, a very healing experience that I would certainly like to revisit and deepen someday!

Love greetings


Wow, beautiful are YOU there. Yes I mean exactly YOU. I could write a mega feedback here. But I would like to address these words to you. Even if you do not know it, but you are on the right path. You are looking for something, you are curious or you want to work through something that has stuck with you but you don't know if Tantra is the right thing for you. No matter what your motives are there is nothing wrong with it, nothing at all. It is all about you. A little reserved, maybe a little afraid of it or nervous? Don't be, trust me... Interested?

Esther will welcome you openly. She doesn't judge and takes you as you are. There is nothing to be ashamed of, nothing at all. Your appearance does not matter. Your reticence, your story, every word you say will not be weighed in the balance, but accepted.

I remember back to my first trip/massage with Esther. Honestly... I was skeptical. Yes honestly. Why? I still have some trouble when it comes to trusting women, yep, but it's getting better. Smile. Accepting my body... or seeing how/what my body does when I'm aroused, I can't deal with that yet. I'm really good at talking, unless it's about me. Laugh. I get really small. Also certain words to say, a horror But hey, no one is perfect. I am now much more open, my pressure in the chest at night is gone and with the subject of sex (my red cloth) I can handle better. Every journey brings out new things. It is never the same. You are allowed to be as you are. Let yourself go. SHOW YOURSELF PLEASE. Have courage. Be worth it. Why not? What have you got to lose? THAT'S RIGHT: NOTHING.

Esther does not bite😉. Write her if you have any questions, or give her a call. Believe me, she has a very open heart and will be happy to hear from you.

All love MK


Dear Esther

I found your two tantric massages from you just beautiful. First you come into your beautifully decorated practice. There you already notice this dear, welcoming, beautiful ambience. Before the massage you can very well arrive first, you are greeted very warmly by you. You offer tea and have a towel ready in the bathroom for afterwards when you want to shower.

Before the massage we talked for a very long time. I find you have such a calm, positive, warm manner, one immediately feels very comfortable, understood and simply calmer after the stressful everyday life. You give very wise, good advice for difficult moments in life. You picked me up very well. Talking is so incredibly good for you. The massage that follows I can really recommend from the bottom of my heart to every woman. Esther does this with so much empathy, love and tenderness. You can really let yourself go in the massage, just turn off your head and just enjoy.

Believe me dear women, that is really worth an experience. After the massage you have so much new strength again and the body is charged with new positive energy. You just feel sooo good afterwards. That's why I really encourage you to try it out - it's worth it. Esther you are such a great personality, one should simply get to know you. Thank you much much times for these beautiful moments, feelings you gave me and for your precious time for me. I am very happy and grateful that you came into my life and that I was allowed to get to know the tantra massage through you. All love Tanja

December 21, 2020

As a former health masseuse, I can say that she does a very valuable and mindful treatment. I could talk openly and honestly about everything and everything was allowed to take place, time and space. I was allowed to meet after a long time again an old beautiful soul with a lot of heart. A little bit again learn to trust. She helped me to process and resolve very old and deep wounds. When I arrived at her place I was totally agitated and scattered and when I left I was calm and in my inner center. I value you as a being and your work very much. Therefore, I highly recommend you.

December 20, 2020

5 stars rating on my Facebook page "Center of the woman

I was allowed to pour out my heart to Esther and immediately feel completely and totally free and comfortable with her. With her empathic, professional and authentic way she supported me to accept myself completely and totally, exactly as I am. I was allowed to let tears flow and a lot of healing happened. I feel more grounded than ever before! A thousand thanks dear Esther!!!!!

December 16, 2020

I am bisexual. I was somehow aware of it and yet I didn't want to admit it. Even when I'm on the road as a therapist. You can't see the forest for the trees. Eshter told me upon arrival the space, attention and exactly the words I needed at that moment.
She explained my situation and picked me up from my nervousness within a very short time.

With the massage I was allowed to accept my bisexual side, I was allowed to learn to show myself as I am and the touches have transformed and healed my sexual energy. Esther accompanied me empathically, professionally and authentically. I felt sooo comfortable and could really let myself go. Since the massage I feel more grounded than ever before. Thank you very much for your wonderful work dear Esther! All the love to you!

December 16, 2020

With the theme of Yoni Massage (Yoni Mapping) resp. Tantra massage I had been engaged for some time before. Especially since I had lost connection to my body, desire and intimacy after the birth of my first child. Again and again I had also told myself that it was all okay and normal, since one now has other priorities, yet it bothered me, especially since even masturbation was associated with a strong sense of shame for me. The change between my role as mother back to lover was difficult and hard to reconcile.

I got the contact of Esther from a good friend. I took some time before I decided to book an appointment. Before that, I read through some feedback, just to get a better idea of how such a session goes.

Esther welcomed me openly and warmly, so I was able to trust her right away and open up easily in our first conversation. I immediately felt accepted, understood and in great hands, as if I were a part of her and she of me.
She then also explained to me the procedure of the ritual, so that I was then only very curious about the session. No nervousness, nothing.
The ritual was very spiritual, soothing and liberating. Esther responded with so much empathy, acceptance and sensitivity that I could immediately relax, let go and enjoy her unintentional and tender touches.
It was a wonderful journey back to me,to my inner self and my femininity.

It then took surprisingly 2-3 days until I was back in the "here". But immediately I could see that my heart was open again, I could allow more touches and also give them myself. I perceived myself better again, saw my needs more clearly, as well as my limits. The constant giving ( to my child, to my partner, etc.) had exhausted me so much, which I hadn't even realized. With Esther, I was allowed to receive for a change -with nothing in return. I had never experienced such tender touches, it was really wonderful!

I thank Esther from the bottom of my heart for all her powerful energy, the many great tips and this unforgettable experience!
I can only recommend it to every woman and will definitely go again myself.

O. F. M
December 4, 2020

Dear Esther

It is my pleasure to thank you again for this wonderful experience with you. I am still deeply touched in my soul today, 8 weeks later.
I turned to you because something inside me was blocking me from being a woman. Words, descriptions did not exist for it. It was just a feeling - but a feeling that held me like captive.
And yes, I admit I was also curious about this type of work and how it felt to me.

You welcomed me with your warm, warm and open manner and took time for me to arrive. So it was easy for me to open up and trust.
You touched my soul with your healing touches. My issue shows up quickly and you lovingly supported me in accepting it and letting it go. Finally I had images and words for what was inside me. Shame! I felt that the ancient and karmic are inherited feelings. This has freed me so much!

I have always enjoyed a free and fulfilling sexuality in my life, but often had a guilty conscience for it. Today I know why and that frees! I am just right the way I am! And this new power shows up in so many things in my life!
The feather you gave me as a parting gift is in my bathroom and reminds me every day of that power-filled softness inside me.

Thank you Esther, from the bottom of my heart thank you and always again!

Martina Will
November 24, 2020

I was able to enjoy a wonderful tantric massage, I was surprised that I could give myself so much as I have experienced as a child sexual, physical, psychological violence, the theme of trust and surrender is a field where I am still healing. Esther is such an empathetic, loving personality where picked me up in a very benevolent, sensitive way and opened a stable bridge to connect with me and my body. For this I am infinitely grateful, I look forward to my self-discovery journey. Since the massage I have come to myself in such a way that is a great gift.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Esther, I myself am already looking forward to the next tantric massage because I learned through my energy work and training that it is important to put myself first and that includes for me to be pampered, to treat myself to something good. Then I can also be a valuable contribution to my environment, to be on the road with heart energy and sexual energy united opens doors, gates where we can not even guess at this moment.

Many thanks dear Esther for your being and your work.

November 4, 2020

5 stars rating on my Facebook page "Center of the woman

Esther is a very sensitive, very loving woman and I was able to open up right after the first few minutes and felt a familiarity in the room and was able to freely share what was on my mind in life right now. The massage from Esther, was one of my most beautiful experiences and I am so amazed at the strength and energy that came up through the gentle touches. Since then, I have reconnected with my soul and have been able to realize what energy was lying dormant inside me, waiting to come to the surface. My body feeling was a completely new one. The massage was very strengthening and above all very healing for me and will help me in the future to stay better in my feminine power. Thank you Esther for your work.

Marsela Pscheider
October 18, 2020

Dear Esther,
I would like to write you a few words about the massage and how I felt afterwards. I decided to have a Tantra massage because I was constantly thinking during sex. "how do I look, does he like me, does he like what I do?". Because of this, I never focused on myself and my own body and couldn't switch off. I decided to have the massage with you because I had complete trust in you right away and I felt and still feel that you are very professional. The conversation before the massage did me good, because I could show you where my "problem" is and what my "goal" of the massage was. This built my confidence even more.

About the massage itself: I felt incredibly comfortable, I wasn't ashamed for a second and I was able to let my thoughts go completely free. As soon as my mind wandered, I refocused on the areas of the body you were massaging. I'm glad you kept reminding me to breathe properly so my hands wouldn't fall asleep, yet they were tingling slightly. But they never fell asleep. Especially during the massage on my feet and legs, I felt the warmth flowing from my feet to the center of my body. This feeling has given me an incredible satisfaction which has put a pleasant smile on my face. I also have super memories of touching the feathers and rabbit fur. During the yoni massage I was blown away from the first touch. I have never had a more pleasant feeling while touching the yoni. The tingling in the hands was strongest at this stage.

After the massage I felt a strong self-confidence and was filled with a lot of energy. I would like to thank you once again for the incredibly beautiful massage and wish you continued enjoyment of the training.

October 10, 2020

Highly recommended. Thank you very much dear Esther for the great massage. gladly again

Lorena Gambarara
October 7, 2020

Esther is a great heart person who does out of fullest kindness, in great generosity and love. Her way of talking about Tantra touched me and moved me to have my first experience with her. This has opened doors for me to experiences that I have never had in this way before in my many years of searching and self-development. An aesthetic environment, a finding oneself, an act of self-love and healing, I was allowed to experience through Esther. I recommend this profound and sensual experience to every woman, no matter what her concern may be. Esther's gentle way of touching has sustainably touched my heart. THANKS.

Jelena Keller
October 3, 2020

Dear Esther, thank you so much for this absolutely wonderful and sensual trip, it was just great! I would not have thought that I could let myself go so well and immerse myself in a completely new world for me, but your empathetic and very warm manner made it very easy for me. See you soon dear Esther!

September 15, 2020

My dear friend
With pleasure I write you my experience which I could enjoy with you.

I came to you with a slight complaint. My genital area always hurt quite a bit during intercourse.
You then offered me to come to you. Through your loving nature we were able to master this well and you have rooted me quite a bit, it has triggered something in me that is quite difficult to describe if you have not experienced it yourself.

It has triggered something very deep and above all old which still gives me a lot of strength today.
I recommend it to every woman who has a problem or just wants to do something good for herself to get treated by you.
I only know you, the one who offers Tantra massage.

Your hands and empathy are very big and your direct way is a blessing. Thank you very much for the deep massage.
She brought me to my center and resolved something I can't put into words.
It feels right and beautiful.
Thank you for this wonderful experience.
The elemental force was released and I feel connected to it.
Thank you that you exist

September 13, 2020

Wow, dear Esther, you are super!!! Thank you so much again for your beautiful massage!
See you soon...😍

September 9, 2020

good morning Esther
Thank you very much for the wonderful evening. I felt very comfortable, secure and carried with you.
It has been incredibly good for me to pamper, explore and enjoy this for myself and my body. You are a great woman and a role model for me, stay as you are and go your way, and I look forward to visiting you again from time to time. Many thanks very dear greetings

September 8, 2020

Hello Esther
I can write you only positive words.
From the very beginning I felt very comfortable and good. You are self-confident, stable and most of all very empathetic (emphatic). This gives everything the person you are massaging.

I must say that we did not meet and get to know each other by chance. The massage was wonderful and incredible experience for me. I got visions while massaging. I saw an Indian woman with the wolf. Such good feelings accompanied me to this. I felt very strong. This has given me such strength now.

And it was something still very interesting and also sad for me. If you touched my right side, I immediately felt sad and cried very hard. With right hand I immediately thought, why my husband does not understand me, why we do not talk next to each other. And so strongest negative feelings I got right side of my back. It was really very sad experience.

My left hand showed me connection and also positive reactions. When you touched my belly, I also felt positive and I know now that my belly belongs to my children. Chest was very neutral and finally it was not sexual stuff.
It was also the same with intimate spheres. Left side was happy and excited and right side was really numb and didn't feel anything.

I'm glad you didn't ask me any questions through massage either. I love to experience everything in peace.
Thanks again for such a rich experience. This gave me strength and a lot of experience.
The Indian and the wolf are calling me....
Big hugs

September 5, 2020

Dear Esther Thank you so much for your wonderful Tantra healing massage. Your loving and friendly manner convinced me from the beginning, which is why I immediately felt secure and could let go. Your mindful touches were very healing for me. Can only recommend you. THANKS

Susana Riederer
September 1, 2020

5 stars rating on my Facebook page "Center of the woman

Esther is a wonderful woman with a lot of feeling and empathy and is very sensitive. She responds exactly to you and understands perfectly to pick you up, that you can completely let yourself go. It was a wonderful, magical experience for me that allowed me to discover myself in my womanhood and in my being and to experience what the female elemental force is and contains, since we women all have that in us. This experience changed my life! I am full of THANKSGIVING for that.
I recommend that every woman do this for herself, as it shows you a lot about yourself and have already recommended it to others. ❤ ❤

August 2, 2020

Dear esther...
for emotional reasons I wanted to treat myself to something "good" for my soul. I was a bit emotional at first and thought that the massage would throw me completely off track and I would possibly burst into tears - but it turned out quite differently than expected. I could totally let myself go from the 1st second and give myself to the massage without getting emotional. my desire was in the immediately in the foreground and has also very quickly noticeable. I felt free, uninhibited and I just wanted to enjoy with all my senses. Every touch awakened every cell in me and my longing to be touched. It was a wonderful journey through 3 intense orgasms which made my body quiver. Your hands did exactly what I needed.... it was magical! thank you very much 😘

August 4, 2020

Simply speechless! There are no words to describe what it feels to be in this sacred bubble with Esther. Her empathic personality lets her feel exactly what you need and there is so much healing taking part. Every woman should treat herself with a Tantra massage at least once in a lifetime and since it was my second one, I would definitely recommend choosing Esther since these three hours were way beyond my expectations 😍

August 2, 2020

Dear Esther,
Thank you very much for your wonderful tantric massage that really did me a lot of good.
I would also like to give you my very positive feedback. you are a super great personality and you have such a great, open, kind way. Very happy to come again. Love greetings

July 27, 2020

Mindfully and lovingly Esther, in the "center of woman", massages your WHOLE body.
I was allowed to let go and accept myself again today. Thank you for this dear Esther.

With Esther I felt comfortable and safe from the first moment. The trust was there right away. Esther is an incredible power woman and gives your body exactly the energy it needs.

July 19, 2020

I can only recommend the Tantra massage with Ester. After a very stressful week, I wanted to treat my body to something nice. Ester welcomed me very warmly that I felt comfortable from the first minute. For two hours I could relax and let my fantasies run wild. The tension of eroticism was almost unbearable until I climaxed. I recommend it to every woman to embark on this journey of Tantra massage. Thank you Ester for the wonderful massage.

July 15, 2020

Yesterday I was able to enjoy my 2nd Tantra massage with Esther and it was an insanely beautiful experience and I would never have believed that such a thing is possible. I was in an ecstatic state that I have never experienced before (I am 37 years old). I wish every woman that she may live out and enjoy her sexuality and femininity. The first time I was quite nervous and just enjoyed for me in silence and found the massage a very nice experience.

Esther is a very kind woman, who with full passion and joy takes you into the world of Tantra. My sex life with my husband leaves a lot to be desired, he very often doesn't feel like it or has his projects on his mind too much. Nevertheless, I was able to motivate him (on Ester's recommendation) to take a Tantra day course and I am very curious to see if he can get involved. Dear women, jump over your shadow, enjoy a Tantra massage, you will be thrilled what is possible.

July 16, 2020

5 stars rating on my Facebook page "Center of the woman

Esther does her job very competently, empathetically and dedicatedly.
It was a very great experience for me and I thank Esther very much!
I can only warmly recommend them.

July 16, 2020

Esther is a wonderful woman with a lot of feeling and empathy and is very sensitive. She responds exactly to you and understands perfectly to pick you up, that you can completely let yourself go. It was a wonderful, magical experience for me that allowed me to discover myself in my womanhood and in my being and to experience what the female elemental force is and contains, since we women all have that in us. This experience changed my life! I am full of THANKSGIVING for that.

I recommend that every woman do this for herself, as it shows you a lot about yourself and have already recommended it to others.

July 13, 2020

Dear Esther,
thank you for the wonderful experience I had with you and with you.
I was very excited before the first tantric massage of my life. My intention was to heal blockages and injuries, and to expand my orgasmic abilities, in a space without expectations. You were incredibly sensitive and attentive to me, making me feel comfortable right away. It was wonderful and timeless. After that I had the best sex with my husband. It was indescribably beautiful.

I can definitely recommend Esther. It is a holistic experience that impacts all areas of life. Thank you Esther.

July 12, 2020

Dear Esther,
thank you very much for the nice words. I can only return this. You are wonderful and I would be happy to have a drink with you.

Here is my feedback:
I had a wonderful trip with Esther. There was an immediate familiarity and I could totally let myself go. It was so good for my soul. Esther is a wonderful woman and I am glad I could have this experience with Esther. I can only recommend it. Thank you dear Esther ❤️ 😘

July 4, 2020

Dear Esther - thank you very much for this wonderful experience.... everything was just right. your big heart and your love for your work were palpable in every moment. yes, on clouds. Namasté

May 29, 2020

Dear Esther,
thank you very much for this wonderful massage today! Your post on Facebook reached me at just the right time. Your sensitive words and explanations about the "Tantra massage", which are probably a taboo subject for many, have made me "gwundrig"! Spontaneously, without thinking twice, I made an appointment. And today I got to know you and your sensitive hands. It was indescribably beautiful. From the first moment, I was welcome!

Today I felt honored, appreciated, like a queen. I became aware again of my body with all its sensations and its treasures. As a mother, wife and businesswoman, one quickly loses the appreciation of one's own body. Today I learned to feel and appreciate myself again! It was an indescribably beautiful and intense experience! THANK YOU, for you, for your empathy, for this impressive time....., I am already looking forward to a next time!!!!

May 9, 2020

Thank you dear Esther. I arrived home safely. The tantric massage was a wonderful experience for me. I'm really relaxed now.

May 5, 2020

I hesitated, knowing full well that I was drawn to the experience.
I dared, knowing that it would be something new - but beautiful.
I was received as if we had known each other for years.
I was gifted, with deep sensations and a journey to myself.
Esther, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the loving first insight into a wonderful world of touch and sensations. The time with you has done a lot in and with me. A journey has begun for me...

Thank you and a big hug

May 2, 2020

Hay Esther
I still manage to write you something about last week. I wanted to make time for it.

We were allowed to get to know each other through social media and when I was allowed to design your wall, I was able to get to know you a little more and my curiosity about your work has grown more and more.
Shortly after, you took me on a journey that I will not soon forget. You are incredibly soulful and I felt mega secure and comfortable. The warm oils you use are mega comfortable on the skin and totally sensual.

You showed me what I really like and I was able to get to know myself a little better. I am incredibly grateful to you for that. I feel this is a mega valuable gift. Thank you for that.

May 1, 2020

What a wonderful experience, I have arrived in a new dimension and I am infinitely looking forward to the next time.... Heartfelt thanks to you, you wonderful healer. Give a big hug.

April 28, 2020

Dear Esther,
hope you are well.

I did not know exactly what to expect during a tantric massage. I was very excited, but also super nervous. But Esther already picked me up in the best way when I opened the door. I was very reassured by her kind nature. As well as the quiet, warm and relaxing atmosphere in the apartment. First woman may take a shower. There is everything a woman's heart desires. It also smells very delicious...

At the beginning of the interview I was still very nervous, but the nervousness faded more and more and I just wanted to finally start. At the beginning I could already let myself fall and trusted Esther completely. Esther's touch is wonderfully insightful. I quickly digressed, far away into another world. I enjoyed the loving, tender touches very much. It was beautiful. I can only recommend it.

April 27, 2020

5 stars rating on my Facebook page "Center of the woman

You feel comfortable from the first minute with Esther's warm welcome and the cozy massage room. A real moment of relaxation and an unforgettable journey. Esther is an exceptional and very professional masseuse. I can only recommend Esther.

April 21, 2020

Dear Esther,
I would like to thank you again for the beautiful afternoon yesterday with you, here I write down again my feedback:

At first I was a little nervous, but already at the reception the nervousness disappeared. I immediately felt comfortable in the beautifully and lovingly decorated room.

Our meeting started with an open conversation, which immediately brought even more relaxation. After that I embarked on the experiment of tantric massage, it was my first.

Esther has a very sensitive way and already with the first touches I felt arrived. It is a wonderful feeling when the warm oil comes into contact with your own skin and body. After about a quarter of an hour, I was able to let go completely and our souls were connected. I felt grounded again with Mother Nature and was allowed to travel back to the time around Atlantis.

I felt an incredible peace within me, a calmness, familiarity and femininity. My journey took me further into a Greek temple, I was lying on a stone bed surrounded by Greek goddesses/women, there was a balmy wind blowing and white curtains hanging down everywhere. I also remember that I kept hearing my name very softly: Persephone ❤.

It felt like several souls were touching me. And the yoni massage would be a wonderful experience, I felt my femininity and my power very strongly in me again. The energy flowed from the bottom up to my crown chakra.

I have been practicing yoga for a very long time, but never before has the energy been so strong. The tantric massage with Esther was an extraordinary experience and I can only recommend it to every woman. Let's come back into our power.

❤ Thanks again from the bottom of my heart! Namasté

March 15, 2020

Hi Esther
When you first offered to give me a tantric massage, I was curious but completely overwhelmed. I can't let a friend massage me to orgasm... What would my boyfriend think of that....

After that, you explained it to me so beautifully that I saw a chance to connect with my Supreme Being, to experience all my femininity by being healed and hopefully not to have any more men's problems.
I was the closer the date came more and more fire and I have not regretted it for a second!!!! You took away my nervousness in preliminary talks and a wonderful Inizialritual that moved me to tears. The massage was absolutely wonderful. While I was never sexually aroused, which suited me, I felt touched and healed.

On the buttocks I noticed how the healing began, because in my first relationship I was taken from behind, although I did not really want this, just adapted.
The massage in front; I began to love myself with my small breasts and the thoughts of they are too small the belly too fat disappeared.

The yoni massage was the highlight, I suddenly realized how gentle it may be to feel something and that it all belongs to me. To my femininity.
During the whole massage I was connected again and again with the universe and my Highest Being, so infinitely big and unlimited.
That and that I noticed during the A-spot massage how the barrier to the center of my femininity finally gave way!!!
In the end, I had to cry for joy.

Today I can say I have no more hemorrhoids and no more menstrual cramps, am more centered, more connected to myself, and am finally standing up for what I want without subjugating/suppressing myself.

Sincere thanks to an absolutely excellent therapist for this great experience.

March 14, 2020

Many years ago I had the desire for a Tantra massage. But all the offers that "crossed my path" or that I found via the Internet were not coherent for me. With male offers, the sexual was too noticeable for me, and the few female offers were aimed at the male world.

Well, and then there was this post by Esther Janssen on Facebook. The sensitive and mindful words, they hit me right in the heart - YES that's it.
Almost at the same time, however, fears and doubts emerged. We know that, the fear and doubt of the unknown.
But my heart was stronger than the doubts from the ego, I took the step forward and contacted Esther and got an appointment.
We spoke on the phone beforehand and due to her open, honest and sensitive way of talking and answering my questions, my last doubts and fears disappeared like snow in the March sun.

Of course I was a bit nervous before my first appointment with her, the new, the unknown, I felt it similar to the stage fright when I know I may play a musical solo that is quite demanding - on the one hand great joy and on the other hand a latent nervousness. Then there it was, the day of my first Tantra massage experience.
The personal reception with Esther was as sensitive and attentive as our previous "electronic* contacts. I immediately felt very comfortable and safe. After the "arrival and information talk" and again freshly showered I was ready.
Esther had begun with a mindful ritual, soul, body and spirit were opened, connection with the earth and upward via the crown chakra to the universe.

I felt comfortable, safe and very secure at all times during the massage. Esther was very attentive to me. Physically I was able to relax very well, but for me personally the head was still too much "watching". Is for me but absolutely fine so, because it was for me the first experience with Tantra massage and my ego wanted to watch. I know that with further massages my ego will retreat more and more into the background and I will then be able to experience the Tantra massage much more intensely.

And YES, I will treat myself to more Tantra massages with Esther. She has the wonderful gift of opening a feminine and protected space where woman feels very safe and secure.
Even though my head was still very present during this first Tantra massage, I was allowed to experience some spiritual things. We were accompanied by many angels and light beings and also some of my ancestors and ancestresses joined us. There was a joyful curiosity among them. Yes, Tantra massage as Esther celebrates it can resolve a lot of feminine issues (trauma, oppression), feminine issues that are rooted in all our ancestral ranks.
I also got short glimpses of past lives, so short that I can hardly "grasp" them, because my head had then always "turned on analyzing". Again, I'm convinced I'll get longer insights with more massages.

Dear Esther, I AM grateful you were brought into my life.
Heartfelt thanks

March 13, 2020

Dear Esther,
I wish you a happy birthday!

I wanted to thank you very much for your hospitality and the wonderful massage. It was just magical and a beautiful experience and it's still quite a feeling.

I wish you a wonderful birthday and still a nice time out with many nice massages.
Love hug

March 9, 2020

Esther's massage room is stylishly decorated with great attention to detail. I felt comfortable right away. Warm vanilla tea was served for the pre-talk. I was able to tell Esther that I was feeling vulnerable and emotional because my partner had ended our relationship the day before.

Esther was very sensitive during the whole ritual. I could relax from the first moment and felt safe, cared for and in good connection with her. I really liked the ritual opening with a beautiful meditation and helped to let go of my thoughts.

Esther has a very nice touch quality. She extensively massaged my head, face and then my feet, so I was wonderfully prepared for the more intimate touches. She skillfully alternated between slow, soothing touches, holding positions and dynamic sequences so that my blocked energies really started to flow.

When I became emotional, tears flowed, or I expressed deep feelings of happiness, Esther was present, holding the space and accepting me as I was. That was healing. Yoni massage was meditative and at the same time also tingling. I was deeply relaxed and felt like a new man afterwards.

Through the space opened by Esther, which at times seemed really sacred, I came to deep spiritual insights regarding my current life situation during the massage, for which I am very grateful.

I felt nourished, touched on many levels and strengthened after the massage. I went back to everyday life with a deep inner peace. It is a gift that there are people like Esther who practice tantra massages with so much enthusiasm and joy.

March 9, 2020

Dear Esther
It was really nice to meet you. You are such a kind, emphatic and sensitive woman, with a fantastic charisma. Your work is very valuable and I wish you a great breakthrough.

Since I am a curious person and would also like to try something, the Tantra massage was also on my "do do" list. I came across Esther's Facebook page by chance, she wrote about her training. Esther was immediately very sympathetic to me and made me curious. Shortly after, I was already sitting in her beautifully and stylishly furnished practice room. Esther is very sensitive and delicate, I felt very comfortable after the first minute. She can relate to people very well and is very emphatic.

When it came to the massage, I felt absolutely relaxed and could enjoy it from the first minute. Esther massaged very attentively. I myself often experience myself living more in the "outside" or in thoughts and less in the body. Through the massage I was very present, very with me and I could absolutely focus on my body. This was very good for someone like me who does not always pay the necessary attention to the body. I could switch off and perceive, I could let go of thoughts.

I could enjoy the massage very much and would repeat it anytime.
I warmly recommend Esther, also for women who have no blockades, who just want to feel right, enjoy and switch off from everyday life. I would begrudge any woman that ❤
A wonderful evening to you, you heart people.

March 8, 2020

I went to dear Esther with the desire to experience my body differently. I have been in a relationship for about 3 years and we still have regular intercourse.
It is beautiful in and of itself, but I actually almost always come up short. This puts a lot of stress on my friend as well as me.
We always put pressure on each other: the man should deliver and the woman should function.

While researching on the Internet, I suddenly came across the topic of Tantra massage.
I read a little about it and found it exciting. I never thought that I would experience one myself one day. As luck would have it, I discovered Esther's post on Facebook.

With some shame, but still intrigued, I wrote to Esther to ask if the one appointment was still available. I knew that if it was meant to be, I would get it and otherwise, it just wasn't meant to be. I received the acceptance letter shortly afterwards and at first I wasn't sure whether I should be happy or not.
On the one hand I was happy, because I was allowed to experience something totally new, on the other hand I was already nervous, because I did not know how it is to be massaged exposed in front of another strange lady.

Esther approached the matter with a wonderful sensitivity and already gave me some confidence via messages. On the day in question, I went to see her. The curiosity as well as excitement increases more and more the closer I was. I was warmly welcomed and instructed. I was allowed to take a shower to feel really clean too and wanted it to be comfortable for both Esther and me.

In an introductory interview, I was allowed to share my background as well as intent or expectations. I revealed to her the problem between my friend and me. Because of Esther's sensitivity and understanding manner, it was easy for me to talk about it. From her experience, she could reassure me about missing orgasms during lovemaking. It was a helpful realization, as a result of which I now try to approach the problem differently and, above all, without pressure. I'm a person who can't (yet) let go and my head is just everywhere during all activities. I hoped through the massage to finally turn off my head and enjoy.

Away from the stress of everyday life and all the assignments for university, I wanted to perceive every single touch intensively. Through team sports I have already learned to present myself naked not only to my partner. But it took a lot of overcoming.
But showing myself to a stranger without clothes was also a new experience for me. But due to the loving nature and the calmness of Esther, this was not difficult for me. Consciously, she skillfully "spirited away" this certain sense of shame. I was then allowed to perceive the delicate touches during two hours. I could feel which touches my body particularly likes, which I wasn't so aware of earlier. Although I was still sometimes caught up in the thoughts, I was also able to relax and enjoy.

It was a very pleasant experience for me and would heartily recommend it to anyone.

March 8, 2020

Esther has the ability to make you feel comfortable even though you're not with her yet.
The communication beforehand was simply outstanding. Especially with such a sensitive subject and since it was my first time to enjoy a Tantra massage, she took away any uncertainty right from the start.
She provided me with all the necessary info and thus created a safe framework in advance.

At the appointment she welcomed me warmly, showed me everything and explained in her calm, very pleasant way how this session will proceed.
I was already very excited and immediately had confidence in her. We started sitting down, which for me was a perfect way to start. Although I am a very open and curious person, I was also a little excited about what to expect. The gradual approach made me feel held and comfortable at all times. I just enjoyed the hug sitting very much, because for me the human touches are very valuable without having to have a sexual background.
The first touches later in my Venus area were unusual in the first moment, after all I am never touched by another woman there and by a man unfortunately not in the way (every man should definitely learn Tantra).

Nevertheless, I was able to relax quickly, although especially in the prone position my head was still very active because everything was so new and exciting. The highlight was definitely in the supine position. I perceived energies that rose up to my heart area, made me wider, more open.
I had the feeling of breathing much deeper, of opening up. Besides, I did not know until now how much different points can feel so different and almost create a slight rush of energy, which in the process was not sexual in my perception, not in the way I know sex and orgasm, quite different.

This is exactly the experience I thank you for, Esther. You are a wonderful woman, sensitive and warm-hearted, who knows exactly how far she may go. I will be very happy to come back!

March 2, 2020

Dear Esther,
I would like to thank you again for this wonderful massage.
I felt very comfortable in your room, lit with candlelight, lovingly and tastefully decorated. My initial nervousness subsided very quickly due to your pleasant and calm manner.

Your gentle and mindful touches catapulted me into another sphere and I could forget everything around me and fully surrender to your touches and enjoy it to the fullest.

The reason why I decided to have a massage with you is quite selfish. I just wanted to do myself something nice and good and be touched by a woman again.
Thanks to you I got my money's worth in all areas.

Thank you again and I felt that you have found your calling with Tantra. You are doing a wonderful job...
Thank you so much for this beautiful session.
Love greetings

March 1, 2020

Liebi Esther
Our Tantra ritual was wonderful, was healing, was nurturing and deeply touching. I felt from the first moment comfortable and secure in your very beautiful premises and your art.

During my journey, various symbols appeared to me or words. at the beginning accept myself with all my facets. this I am very well aware of and then succeeded well. out of this arose a great ANCHORING. be with me. everything was allowed to flow, to be in the flow. a vast expanse opened up. everything became round. I was allowed to perceive images of my subject as I had already worked on it in the past, became calm and clear. became pure... became light as a feather. my river was allowed to work and wash away some stones again. heal.
i feel just wonderful!

from the bottom of my heart thank you for your great work! will be happy to come back!
Tantra massage is much more than simply sexual energy, but it does not have to be.

Liebi Esther, have just briefly time, I thought I write you just so. was not so easy to put into words....

ah, something else I forgot to mention:
i felt completely open and unprotected, but still safe. part of my defender was probably allowed to go.
Infinitely grateful.

February 29, 2020

Dear Esther
I arrived at your house like a phoenix with a broken wing. I was in a lot of pain because of my injuries.
Then I felt so warm and welcome to you.
Lovingly received.

Breathe deeply, slow down, let go of the outside world and immerse yourself in a fullness of feminine softness and power.

I relaxed, entrusted myself to your hands, devotedly.
Your deep empathy was palpable.
I could open up because I felt accepted, undisguised and unveiled, just as I am.

You got my energies flowing.
You touched me, accompanied me and stirred me up. My power joined with Your strength. Self-healing forces were stimulated and flowed through my body. The pain faded away.

It became fun and cheerful. Oh là là!
A deep joy spread.
Floating calmly, I enjoyed surfing the waves of pleasure.
Thank you very much! I feel soo happy and elated!
All the love!

February 13, 2020

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