Your sensual massage session based on the teachings of Tantra

Lovely, you have found the way to me. Many are excited before the (first) tantra massage and have questions. Your cycle also has a significant influence on your decisions and your doubts. I hope I can give you some answers here and take away some of your nervousness, inhibition and uncertainty.

My unique training in a women-only tantra massage and several years of experience make me a loving and mindful companion on your path to healing. In an empathic way, I pick you up with all your concerns and feelings and listen to you without judging. I offer you the space to open up, relax, let go and experience the wonderful world of Tantra.

Our appointment starts with a conversation where you can tell me your fears, doubts, experiences, needs and desires. You’ll be able to tell me your story in peace.

Of course, we will also discuss how the massage will take place so you can enjoy this experience and surrender. You don’t have to worry about whether or not to include your yoni (vulva/vagina) beforehand. It is essential to me that you know that you can decide for or against it at any time, even during the tantric massage. Please don’t pressure yourself; I don’t want you to go for it until you are ready. Your yoni is a beautiful energy centre that holds stored experiences (unpleasant/pleasant), life energy, and creativity. Nevertheless, your healing can take place without a yoni massage. Because you will be immersed in another world during the massage, your mind will be free, and you will go on a healing sensory journey.

While the focus is on the massage and touching your body to get the energies flowing, the talk time is also precious and part of the whole session, which is why after the massage, I want to give you not only enough time and space to arrive back in the here and now gently but to share, sort and answer your experience, thoughts, feelings and questions.

If you have had negative experiences, I will guide you through those feelings professionally, gently and lovingly. Your body, soul, and spirit give me the protected space and enough time to accept and conclude. The mindful and sensual touches help you to let go, to open up (again), to exchange painful experiences for new, healing ones and to feel complete, sensual and free in your femininity again.

I hope you have the courage to contact me so I can facilitate a tantric massage for you and help you feel more connected to your body and soul again. If you are still undecided, I recommend you read my clients’ testimonials – they are so appreciative, and you can feel their joy and gratitude. Of course, feel free to leave me a message or arrange a phone call to ease your nervousness and clarify any questions you may have before your first meeting.

Tantric Massage Settings

Every woman deserves to feel sensual and deeply connected to her feminine elemental power again through this healing art of touch.


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Recommendation for "Your First Tantra Massage"

CHF 490.-

The 3.5-hour session includes a detailed preliminary talk of 60 minutes and a 2-hour massage according to tantric touch art.

Tantric Massage Settings

according to adequate time spent (hourly rate CHF 140.-)

The settings are preceded by a preliminary discussion of 30 minutes. The massage duration, according to tantric touch art, varies depending on the total length of the setting.

4 hours at CHF 560.- includes a 3-hour massage

3.5 hours at CHF 490.- includes a 2.5-hour massage

3 hours at CHF 420.- includes a 2-hour massage

2.5 hours at CHF 350.- includes a 90-minute massage

2 hours at CHF 280.- includes a 1-hour massage

Tantric Massage Subscription

Enjoy ten healing hours divided into three lovingly crafted sessions. This subscription is personal and non-transferable.

Three lovingly Tantric Massages

10 hours CHF 1'200.- instead of 1'400.-

Experience shows that successive sessions make more profound and holistic healing possible. In addition, you can better develop your full potential, reunite with your feminine elemental power and let your body become your oasis of well-being.

Tantric Massage Courses

As a teacher of tantric massage, I accompany and guide you/sensitively and professionally through learning what is the most beautiful ritual in the world. Through gentle body massage with unprecedented tenderness, your partner will be honoured and touch the meaningful inside. Emotional mindfulness helps to enter into tangible encounters with yourself and your partner, as well as to revitalise and deepen your relationship with your body, your sexuality, and your partner.

Tantric massage courses for couples (private lessons)

Basic course 5 h from CHF 700.-
Advanced courses 4 h from CHF 560.-
Advanced course 4 h from CHF 560.-

  • Learning sensual massage based on the teachings of Tantra (you practice on each other)
  • Advanced courses honouring femininity/masculinity
  • Advanced course: Refresher and consolidation of basic/advanced course

Tantric massage courses for you (private lessons)

Basic course 4 h from CHF 480.-
Advanced courses 4 h from CHF 480.-
Advanced course 4 h from CHF 480.-

  • Learning the sensual massage based on the teachings of Tantra (you practice the massage on me)
  • Advanced courses honour masculinity/femininity (lingam and yoni massage on a plastic model).
  • Advanced course: Refresher and consolidation of basic/advanced course

Donation & Social Tariffs

It is my calling to contribute to the healing process of women.

With the introduction of Donation Tickets, I hope to offer more women access to these healing treatments. The more people participate in Donation Tickets, the more women I can support at discounted rates. Together, we are making a solid statement for healing, caring and community.

As a 100% self-employed entrepreneur, I bear all the costs and risks of my company alone. Therefore, social tariffs are offered only after an individual agreement.

Donation Ticket

Giving support - for a cycle of healing and community

For those who can and want to give more, I offer the opportunity to contribute significantly by purchasing a Donation Ticket. With a donation of CHF 100 or CHF 150, which can easily be made via a link, you are doing much more than just providing financial support. You set a cycle of giving and healing that goes far beyond individual treatment.

Your generosity allows me to offer healing Tantra massages to more women who cannot afford the regular price. In this way, you close the financial gaps for those to whom I can offer social fares, strengthening the sense of community and togetherness. Your donation creates a positive “ripple effect” that spreads the energy of healing, trust and love worldwide. In addition, your support expands my capacity to reach and support even more women.

I firmly believe that good deeds spread like ripples in the water – that is the law of karma. If you would like to learn more about my work and the specific projects your donation will support,

Thank you very much for your support and for being part of this precious cycle.

Social tariffs

Support for low-income women - Because healing should not be a question of income

A reduced price between CHF 100 and CHF 150 is quite possible. It is a matter of my heart that every woman, regardless of her financial situation, can have the healing experience of a Tantra massage.

If you can’t afford the regular price, please take the first step and contact me. Together, we will find the right solution for you and give you access to this valuable form of therapy.

Gift Voucher

Do you know someone who would love to have a tantra massage or course or someone who would benefit from this?
Give your favourite person a gift with an individualised gift voucher.

You choose the amount (also a partial amount possible) and receive from me a beautiful voucher to print out yourself, with their name. Afterwards, the presentee / the recipient can choose the appropriate ritual when booking the appointment.

Get your free tantra guide incl. meditation

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, as women, it’s easy to feel disconnected. The invisible wounds we carry affect our relationships, well-being, and sense of self… We’ve lost connection with our ancestral feminine power, and we’ve lost connection with ourselves. What I offer is more than just a guide: it’s a gateway to a profound personal healing journey.

Download “Renew Your Spirit: Revitalise Your Body And Soul With The Transformative Power Of Tantra” today and take the first step on your path to a revitalised spirit, harmonised energy, and a transformed tomorrow.

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