We consist of 60% water. Therefore, to get any pollutants out of our system, it is essential to drink enough good water. Here, you will find an easy way always to have fresh, clean, ionised and alkaline ECAIA water.

Sanuslife Wasserionisierer

ECAIA Carafe S Package brings new standards in the field of mineral water ionisers. The main cartridge ECAIA primary filter S is used to reduce pollutants contained in the water and ionise the water using unique ceramics. The natural minerals remain in the water. The result is soft, drinkable and tasty ECAIA water.

ECAIA water has an increased pH value and is rich in electrons and, thus, antioxidants. It contains increased OH- ions and bound oxygen, finely clustered and very cellular. In addition, it has a highly soluble property. On its underside, Memon’s “e-smog protected plate” provides additional protection against the effects of harmful environmental pollution such as electrosmog and earth radiation. As a result, the ECAIA water retains its structure and quality.

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